Fifth and Final Habit is....

The fifth and final recurring habit is to exercise - and when we say that, it's in addition to walking. I hate exercising, so I was not one of these people that woke-up at 5 AM in the morning and went to the gym to get on a treadmill for an hour and lift weights; I was still in my bed snoozing. Until I discovered Yoga! I discovered that exercise doesn't have to be this strict, heart pounding, sweat pouring drill all the time. Now cardio and that type of exercise is obviously very good for you when you are trying to lose weight, gain strength, and reduce stress. However, Yoga can do the same depending on the type of Yoga you choose. 

What's great about Yoga is that:

1. You can find a ton of classes online for free - my favorite is Yoga with Adriene. Since the epidemic started and I realized that there's not much to do, and one of my goals was to lose weight, increase my flexibility, get rid of my backpain, I did some searched on YouTube and found Adriene's class. She's an amazing instructor, and has so much variety with the types of Yoga she does. She also has 30 days of Yoga to get beginners ramped up, so you can start out slow for only a few minutes a day and get better over time. By the end of the 30 days, you have all the moves down, and you really start to feel the difference.

2. Yoga helps me relax and unwind, and some Yoga classes have some meditation with them so you can start to combine both. They are good for both your body and mind. Check lout the post on meditation.

3. You can do Yoga practically anywhere and anytime; during the summer, a friend of mine had the idea of getting a bunch of us together (socially distanced) outside in her backyard once a week for Yoga. It was so much fun and relaxing -- it's such a great feeling when you are lying on your back doing the bridge pose and looking up into the sky above with the trees swaying, birds flying above and fluffy clouds going by -- I can't tell you how often I wish I stayed there for hours. It made me so relaxed and refreshed, and ready to go back and tackle the work I had.

4. Yoga can be a social sport! My book club that is made up of over 15 women now does Yoga every Sunday (over Zoom) to encourage and motivate each other. It's so much fun to do it all together, share our experiences, try new classes, and feel good about ourselves while being social. We would catch up and chat after the Yoga class -- it is especially great when the weather outside is bad and you are trapped at home with nothing else to do.

5. Finally, Yoga outfits are the coolest thing - in fact most people wearing leggings everywhere now were probably inspired by Yoga. There's so many cool designs and prints now that I can't keep up with the latest. This is why I decided to start a collection of my own, check out the latest Yoga Legging Trends here, and let me know which are your favorites.


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