Habits That Inspire A Happy, Healthy Life - Intro

We often hear about successful people living happy, inspired, and meaningful lives and they only attribute it to "working hard". We don't however hear about how they became successful, what helped them succeed, what new "habit" they adopted that helped. As we read about these "successful" people that come from all walks of life, we start to see a pattern.

The pattern are the "Habits" they have chosen to adopt -- habits that they've formed over time from experience that have changed their life. What are these habits and can they really change people's lives and cause them to be successful? Let's explore these answers together as no one can truly know for sure, unless you try them yourselves. 

We're all unfortunately staying home these days due to the pandemic, perhaps this might be the best time to try and adopt new healthy habits. Being home helps us have a set routine, have less obligations and so we have more time on our hands (with the exception of young children at home.) In all cases, new habits should not take too much time or effort, but what they need is consistency.

Allowing ourselves to be open and try new habits for a long enough period of time before we completely dismiss them is also important - they say that one should try something on average for 28 days for it to become a habit. I myself have formed several new habits the past 6 months that have allowed me to lose weight, be more productive, feel calm and have a high spirit, and even start a new job and start a new side business.

Two recent books that I read helped me see a trend in the habits that successful people adopt: The Four Hour Work Week and Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferris, both inspired me to try some new things. In the next few blogs posts, I'd like to explore the top 5 Habits that I've adopted myself that has helped become more organized, helped me gain an understanding of what my goals are in life, and helped me stay focus on the things I want to do. Join me on as we explore together, and be sure to share them with family and friends.


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