About us

Meeting several years ago, Noreen and Maha became close friends and discovered they share a passion for many things.

Noreen traveled a lot for work and began to miss those amazing trips to far away cities. She loves experiencing new cultures, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and exploring new products unique to each city.

Maha used to throw amazing dinner parties and bring people together from different backgrounds, organize fundraisers, and help dispel stereotypes. She loves new cultures, meeting people, and learning about new traditions and fashion. 


Both Noreen and Maha valued practicing self-care, supporting each other and other women, and discovered a new unique idea that will help connect cultures, bring wellness to women, and perhaps even inspire and enrich their days.

What if once a month each one of us received a beautiful, unique gift box filled with surprises! Quality items you would buy and enjoy for yourself and friends; wellness products, fashionable wear, trendy accessories, unique gifts, yummy treats, without knowing what will come next. Oh and one more thing....

A new hand-selected item from a different city in the world in each box that will be a complete delight....that's how Gold'n'Silk was found!

Gold'n'Silk is hoping to help you take a break and get excited about something every month. A box that will help you get you inspired, perhaps plan an exciting outing, trip, adventure. Something that pushes you to learn that foreign language, attend that cultural event, enroll in that salsa dance class; encourage you to have enriching experience.

Join us as we share these wellness products and cultural inspirations in every box.


Noreen and Maha


To enrich and inspire women to pursue wellness and self-care, while introducing them to new possibilities and experiences with unique quality merchandize and a culturally enriched product in each box from a different city each month.


1. To enrich women by allowing them to connect with other cultures and have worldly experiences whether it's the result of using a high quality products, or connecting via an unique exclusive items from a special place that spurs adventure, curiosity and maybe even travel.

2. To inspire women in their quest for wellness and practice self-care; to adopt the notion of loving oneself as a truly unselfish idea.

Why Gold'n'Silk?

Gold'n'Silk was inspired by several things coming together. Namely:

The Silk Road, also called Silk Route, ancient trade route, linking China with the West, that carried goods and ideas between the two great civilizations of Rome and China. Silk went westward and Gold went east.

  • Gold symbolize wealth, extravagance, and riches. Sharing some of the psychological attributes of being optimistic and cheerful. It is undeniably glamorous, associated with good times, celebrations and glitz. In addition key characteristics we value in Gold are that it is the most malleable element which means it's flexible, it is rare as nearly all the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed. The element symbol for gold—Au—comes from the old Latin name for gold, aurum, which means "shining dawn" or "glow of sunrise." Gold is relatively un-reactive and resists degradation by air, moisture, or acidic conditions, making it strong.
  • Silk symbolize joy, love and happy times and is therefore a positive sign in life. Everyone seems to know and love silk, admire its drape, luster and soothing feeling, and it's known to be one of the most flexible fabrics.

We at Gold'n'Silk wanted to bring these attributes, symbols and feelings into our box and collection to share with our customers, weaving into some of our merchandize that we carefully curate from around the world whether it's from Asia to Europe to Africa and the Middle East. We wanted to instill that same silk bond that all women share when it comes to living their dreams and leading an inspired fulfilling life. While Gold and Silk denote wealth and riches, that's not the main characteristics that we hold dear -- what makes them even more valuable than their monetary value is what they represent. This is why we chose Gold'n'Silk to help us build and achieve dreams and feelings of:

    • Joy
    • Happiness
    • Optimism
    • Cheer
    • Wealth
    • Extravagance
    • Riches
    • Glamour
    • Celebration
    • Glitz
    • Love

Key characteristics of Gold'n'Silk are below and are the same characteristics we would love to help inspire our community of strong women to adopt

 Gold Silk
Malleable - Flexible
Strong but is soft and luxuriant
Stretched but returns to it's original form 
Shining / Glowing
Keeps cool