Past City Boxes

Did you miss one of our boxes, check out which city you missed and what products we featured. If you are super lucky, and we did not sell out, we may still have a box or two - enjoy and shop around!!

Brussels, Belgium
June 2021 Box
Marmaris, Turkey
July 2021 Box
Brussel, Belgium Brochures


Marmaris, Turkey Brochure

Featured Products

Premium Belgium Chocolates, Convertible Wrap,
Beauty Face Mask, Necklace, Hair Clip, Paper Soap,
Hand Cream, Face Cream, Motivational Sticker
Featured Products
Sand-Free Turkish Towel, Fruit Turkish Delights, Golden Earnings, Sun Protection  Lip Balm, Beauty Face Mask, Eye Patches, Nail Kit: Gel Manicure, Nail Polish Remover Fragrant Discs, Hair Clip & Motivational Sticker         
$60.00 (2 left)