Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does the Gold'n'Silk subscription work?

At Gold'n'Silk, you have the opportunity to choose from a three subscription options. You can choose from one or more of the seasonal boxes:

    1. Travel Box offers unique products from a different city each season
    2. Wellness Box sends you the latest in wellness products to indulge in 
    3. GoldnSilk Box brings oriental vibes of gold and silk from the Eastern World

By choosing GoldnSilk, you’ll be receiving a high quality, hand-picked mix of trendy merchandize that includes beauty, wellness, fashion, accessories, and treats depending on the box you choose. The travel box brings products from a different city in the world, unique gold and silk products in the GoldnSilk box, and wellness essentials in the wellness box. 

Gold'n'Silk's subscription is charged immediately after selecting a planYou will get an email confirming your order and will be able to set-up your Gold'n'Silk account right away (see #2 below) in order to manage your subscription.

After you subscribe to Gold'n'Silk, your subscription will automatically renew (seasonally (every 3 months) to send you a total of 4 boxes a year) according to our billing/shipping schedule unless you decide to cancel before your next billing cycle.** 

*All prices are listed in USD and include shipping within the United States. Any applicable taxes will be detailed in your Gold'n'Silk invoice. Shipping fees to Canada, AK, HI, Puerto Rico, and the UK may apply. Foreign exchange or transaction fees may also apply for non-US customers.

**Your billing cycle will be the date you first signed-up, you will be billed every 3 months for the seasonal subscription. There will be times when GoldnSilk will reserve the right to update your account to be billed at the beginning of the month instead of later in the month; we will notify customers via email if we decide to do that.

2. How and why should I set-up my GoldnSilk Account?

After you subscribe, you should set-up your personal GoldnSilk account by registering here: This account will give you full control of your subscription. You will be able to update your mailing address, change your credit card, change your password, and control your subscription to pause, skip a season or cancel your subscription. 

3. How long are shipping times?

Gold'n'Silk shipping happens all within the same 2 weeks as we batch our shipment times. Shipping typically happens seasonally. The seasonal months are February for Winter, May for Spring, August for Summer and November for Fall.

Subscription deadline for the season is the 20th of the prior month to give us enough time to source the products from the different countries abroad. Therefore subscriptions made by the 20th of the previous month will receive that season's box, and subscriptions made after the 20th will receive the following season's box, for example a Jan. 20th subscription will get a box in Feb for the winter season, but a subscription on Jan 21st will receive the next season box in May for the Spring.

4. What's your return or exchange policy?

Gold'n'Silk does not have returns or exchange policy on the subscription boxes. If you subscribe, you can cancel before the next billing cycle for the season afterFor more details on our Return and Refund policy, please visit:

5. Can I pause, skip, or cancel my Subscription?

We pride ourselves for having the most flexible subscriptions. You can cancel, pause or skip seasons within your account. Please set-up your account to control how often you receive your Gold'n'Silk box. For any questions, please contact us at and write "Billing Question" within the subject line.

6. What happens if I receive a defective item within the box?

We value that all customers receive the highest quality products, so if any of your items are received defective in any way, please send us a picture at with subject line "Defective Item" for a replacement or a partial refund depending on product availability.