Travel & Wellness Subscription Box

Introducing diverse wellness and self-care goodies from a new city in the world each month in each box. Featuring stylish accessories, beauty items, inspiring products, treats and more. Shop the world with us, and immerse yourself in travel and wellness.

How It Works...

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Step 1 - Sign-Up

Subscribe to the #1 Travel and Wellness! Monthly, Seasonal or Annual plans available from $29.95+. Save more on multiple month subscriptions & cancel anytime! Over $120+ worth of items in every box!

Gold'n'Silk Subscription Box Delivered Every Month

Step 2 - Get Excited

An exciting box of goodies arrives at your door step filled with 6 - 8 self-care products sourced from a new city around the world. Experience travel in every box with unique beauty, accessories, treats and lifestyle products!

GoldnSilk Subscription Box Unboxing

Step 3 - Enjoy Every Month!

Unbox excitement and experience traveling and shopping from a new city each month! Shipments are made the first week of the month when sign-up is by 20th the prior month. One-time gift boxes and past items are also available!

Each Box Includes

Goodies that Inspire Travel, Wellness & Self-Care

Unique Item Featuring a New City Each Month

Hand Picked Products that are Stylish and Trendy

Customer Testimonials


I LOVE GoldnSilk, its such a unique and creative idea to feel like you've taken a trip every month. It's definitely inspiring me to travel and learn about different cultures. I also really like the free shipping, the free boxes for friends and the products they choose. It always feels special when I get my box delivered.

Leena B.


I order a lot of subscription boxes because I like to try new things and don’t have the time to go shopping all the time. Gold ‘n Silk’s box was different. I like that they focused on a specific country. With COVID, I have been missing exotic places and travel. This box brought that back into my life. I also felt that the contents were thoughtfully chosen, representing the country while being useful to me. Definitely a joy to receive.

Farrah H.


As busy women we always forget to do the small things that add something extra to our lives because we are always taking care of others. Gold'n'Silk offers something amazing where you can treat yourself without much thought to it. The subscription box is perfect for when the weeks fly by and you can take a step back for yourself. It is always a surprise when will come next month and it is fun to see where in the world we will land next.

Cece D.


One of my favorite things now is to look forward to my GoldnSilk Box. It's such a nice surprise every time with a different city and new items. I love what I've received so far and am looking forward to more surprises!! I also was able to send my best friend a free box for her birthday and now she is also a subscriber and we now share the same fun experience of unboxing together.

Elaina S.


GoldnSilk is sending me really cool products that I never knew existed -- something to try every month and I really like the fact that it's linked back to a new city every time! All my gifting now is through GoldnSilk - my friends that I sent this to, love it!!

Sarah A.


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