Past Boxes

Did you miss one of our boxes, check out which city you missed and what products we featured. If you are super lucky, we sometimes may still have a box or two. Sometime we have some of the products that we feature - be sure to click on the below to see what's available.

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Brussels, Belgium
June 2021 Box
Marmaris, Turkey
July 2021 Box
Maui, Hawaii
August 2021 Box
GoldnSilk Brussels, Belgiun Box
GoldnSilk Marmaris, Turkey Box
GoldnSilk Maui, Hawaii Box
 Maui, Hawaii
August 2021 Box
Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 2021 Box
London, England
November 2021 Box
GoldnSilk Santa Fe Box
GoldnSilk London Box
Bangkok, Thailand
October 2021 Box
London, England
November 2021 Box
GoldnSilk Bangkok Box
Berlin, Germany
December 2021 Box
Moscow, Russia
January 2022 Box
Suzhou, China
February 2022 Box