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  • Fourth Important Habit...It's SO Important

    Another important habit that most successful people do is to go outside and walk. Being outside, getting some fresh air, and simply walking has so many enormous benefits, many people may not be aware of these benefits to take advantage of it. 

    I was not a big walker, I enjoyed the occasional walks with friends, especially during this past year where there wasn't much else to do.

  • Third Important Habit is Close Your Eyes!

    Yes you heard me correctly....meditating. For those that have never tried it, don't knock it until you've tried it. There's a lot of forms of meditating and when I say you should try it, I mean you should try it for 21 days before we decide if it's worth it or not, because doing something once or twice especially while you skeptical does not really allow you to see the benefits of the experience. If 21 days seem too long, then try it for at least a week everyday consistently and then decide. If by the end of a week you don't start to feel the following benefits, then meditating is not for you.
  • Second Important Habit is Write it Down!

    The second most important habit that I have recently started is journaling. Let's talk about what that means; what is journaling? To get to what it is, we need to mention first what it's not. Journaling is not your diary, it could be, but then we should just call it a diary. It's not meant for you to get up early in the morning and write your travelogue, documenting what you did yesterday, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not completely journaling. I started journaling after reading about how beneficial it is and how if you are stressed out, writing 

  • First Important Habit: Rise and Shine

    The first and most important habit one can ever adopt is Waking Up Early. I know, I know...and before you stop reading and say "I can't do it" or "I need my sleep" or "I'm not a morning person", I was just like you! Many of us are not early risers and like to stay up at night like myself hanging out with friends, watching tv, vegging out and just relaxing, especially after a long work day. I hear you, and you can still do that on weekends, but, if you want to have any meaningful change in your life, if you truly want to succeed, you have to wake up early.
  • Habits That Inspire A Happy, Healthy Life - Intro

    We often hear about many successful people living happy, inspired, and meaningful lives and often it's only attributed to "working hard". We don't however hear about why they became successful, what helped them succeed, and if they were always that successful or did they change or adopt a new "habit" to gain this success. As we read more about these people, and they can come from all walks of life, famous and non-famous, all genders, all ethnicities, all educational levels, from all over the world, we start to see a pattern.

  • Top 5 Beautiful Places in Europe To Visit!

    GoldnSilk subscription Box is happy to officially launch today, and with that we want to celebrate with you by suggestion some ideas for travel. If you are starting to plan your summer travel, here are some ideas for our favorite places to visit in Europe:

    1. Florence Italy: known as the capital of Italy’s region of Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and captivating cities in Europe. It is home to so history, it has Cathedrals, public parks outside the city, art galleries and so much more.